Submit Box Tops!

The deadline to submit our Box Tops is approaching. Please send as many Box Tops as you can when school resumes February 23rd. While Box Tops are submitted year round, the payments are issued in the Spring and Fall.

Thanks to all the parents who’ve been sending them in neatly trimmed and a special thanks to the parent volunteers who bunch them together for submission.

Our last check was over $700!


Box Tops On The Rise

Word from the Box Tops Coordinator is that P.S. 150Q parents are really piling in the Box Tops.

A special thanks to all the neighbors and family near and far for sending in your Box Tops to support our school. We are grateful for your support.

Although the coupons are submitted year round, the next payment will be issued for Box Tops submitted by February 28th, 2014. Remember to drop┬áthem off at the PTA office in the Main Building or send it in to your child’s class teacher when we return from Winter Recess.

For coupons, on line shopping and more information, visit the Box Tops 4 Education website:

Box Tops Update

Thanks to all the parents and guardians of P.S. 150Q students, who have been diligently collecting and submitting Box Tops. A special thanks to the folks who’ve been trimming the coupons so our dedicated Box Tops coordinator is spared hours of trimming them herself.

The posted report is available on the Box Tops website if you have an account. You can earn Box Tops for our school by shopping on line, so you don’t have to raid your pantry and cut up half consumed cereal boxes. Apparently, some of you have already taken advantage of “Shop and Earn” – great job!

The deadline for our Spring payment is February 21st.

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Shop For Halloween and Earn e-Box Tops

Shop “Spirit” on line through Box Tops Deals and Discounts and receive 20 percent off one item. Plus, for every ten dollars you spend, P.S. 150Q will earn 6.5 Box Tops.

Be sure you designate P.S. 150Q as your school. You can find it when you type in the zip code 11104.

If you have Box Tops coupons, don’t wait to send it in – our submission deadline is November 1, 2013. Although Box Tops is year round, the first pay out can go towards this year’s expenses.

After the deadline, coupons will be collected for the Spring submission. Kindly trim your coupons, send them in a baggie or sealed envelope with your child’s class on it. Your child may hand it to the teacher or you can drop it off at the PTA office in the main building.

Less than 30 days to Halloween!