Volunteer Call: Indoor Recess Liaison

The Recess Committee has organized several performing artists throughout January and February to engage the students at P.S. 150Q during indoor recess. The P.T.A. is calling for a volunteer on specified dates to act as a liaison for the performing artist.

The Main building recess event is from 10:25 am – 12: 45 pm.

The Annex recess event is from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Your contact number will be requested in case of an emergency but it is not necessary if you do not wish to disclose it. You are welcome to enjoy the performance and thank you for making a difference. Click below to sign up through VolunteerSpot.

April 19th’s PTA Meeting Review

At the PTA meeting held on Thursday, April 19th, the following topics were covered.

  • Spring Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th. Ticket prices are anticipated to be at $12.00 per person. Children will enjoy games, bouncy rides, a petting zoo and refreshments – details on the activities that are included with admission will be announced. Volunteers are wanted and welcome to assist with the attractions, concession stands and maintaining general order. Please call (718) 784-2252 ext. 1551 or email ps150Qpta@gmail.com.
  • PS 150Q is among many schools in New York City facing crippling budget cuts. This year funds to secure substitute teachers have already depleted. An agreement with the PTA secured funds for the remainder of the school year through June. Principal Ms. Parache has vowed that the funds will not be used unless strictly necessary but it is to avoid having to disperse students to other classes should their teacher call out sick.
  • The budget cut crisis sparked attention to be active in protesting them and demanding accountability of funds that are spent. Please stay tuned for further developments.
  • Oumih Francis, our dedicated, responsible and kind hearted Secretary for the PTA, had announced her resignation from the position. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for her efforts and commend her for her time. Following her tenure, Rebecca Wilkins has been nominated for the Secretary position. Beatrice Gomez and Shawn O’Connell will be running to maintain their positions as Vice President and Treasurer respectively.
  • In the Treasurer’s Report, we were pleasantly surprised to learn a few last minute envelopes were submitted for the Read-A-Thon. The total books read is at approximately 2,500 books. Great job everyone!
  • The Title One report stated the remainder of its budget has been used to purchase two more computers, which will be available for parents to use.
  • Guest Speaker, Sharon Smith from Sunnyside Community Center presented an opportunity for training as a “Homecare Worker.” Once certified, Home Health Aides are eligible for wages, health insurance and other attractive benefits. You are invited to attend their Open House, scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information, please contact Sharon Smith at 718-784-6160 extension 345.

Feb. 09 PTA Meeting Review

Thanks to all the parents who joined the PTA meeting with Ms. Parache, Ms. Pate, Mr. Espinoza and guest speaker, Calvet Liburd of Playworks. Events and workshops are in process of registration – please don’t delay in signing up.

The meeting review is as follows:

  1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Spring Carnival volunteers are wanted! Volunteers to help with the concession stands, rides and supervision are requested to contact the PTA office at ps150Qpta@gmail.com or call (718) 784-2252 extension 1551. Also, if you reside on 41st Street or have friends and neighbors who do, please be notified that the school is applying for the street’s closure for additional room.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Explained funds used for the drama production and the Science department. Tri-fold boards and stickers will remain on sale through next week – prices are $5 for the board and $3 for the labels.
  3. State Testing Standards: Due to overwhelming response, P.S.150Q’s PTA is currently researching the most effective way to petition for changes to the State testing standards. We are exploring all avenues from a petition, to letter blitzes and polls. Please stay tuned for updates.
  4. Computer Workshop for Parents: Through Title 1 funding, P.S. 150Q is offering eight weeks of computer training, taught by Mr. Espinoza. The Beginner workshops starts February 14th, so PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Contact Ms. Pate at 718-784-2252 ext. 1611 or register at http://tiny.cc/techworkshop or https://sites.google.com/site/parenttechworkshop – a flyer with the workshop dates was sent home with every student.
  5. Principal’s Report: Ms. Parache conveyed welcoming news of P.S. 150Q’s quality review. On a scale level of 1 to 4, the school was graded at Level 3, as proficient and well developed. Ms. Parache also reiterated the importance of building your child’s reading stamina and introducing them to news articles. State tests have included articles published by the New York Times, Newsweek or Time magazine to gauge a student’s comprehension; it pays to be prepared.
  6. Recess Committee: Guest speaker, Calvet Liburd from Playworks explained the half-day workshop and the full-year technical support programs offered by the organization. Mr. Liburd presented examples of indoor activities that the students could easily participate in during recess in the auditorium and discussed costs as well as options available. Please visit www.playworks.org for more information.
  7. Box Tops 4 Education: Accumulated Box Tops coupons will be submitted on March 1st. You may send your coupons in with your child to the school or drop them off in an envelope at the PTA office in the main building. Any coupons submitted after March 1st will be kept for the next redemption cycle.
  8. The Annex needs volunteers for the Book Fair during the last week of February. We are looking for volunteers to assist our Pre-K and Kindergarten students during their shopping visits. If you can spare an hour or more, please contact the PTA at ps150Qpta@gmail.com or call (718) 784-2252 extension 1551.

  9. Q & A: An inquiry was made regarding the gauging of our proceeds thus far for the Read-A-Thon. Currently, we have placed a poll on our website for parents to select their progress as of February 10. Please visit our Read-A-Thon Poll to make your vote count.

Urgent! Stage Help Needed For Drama

On Thursday evening, December 22nd – the Drama Production will be holding an emergency meeting. It is to assess the volunteers Mr. Pagano has for his stage production. Tentatively, the meeting will take place at Mr. Pagano’s residence at 9 PM.

If your skills could assist in building or sewing stage props, and you’re certain to commit to the production, please contact the PTA office immediately.

Please provide your name, contact information, skill and if you are able to attend Thursday evening’s meeting through our Volunteer Opportunity form or through the following:

Email: ps150Qpta@gmail.com

Telephone: (718) 784-2252 Extension 1551

Your prompt response and support is duly appreciated.

Chess Tournament December 10

P.S. 150Q is honored to host the “Chess-In-The-Schools” tournament this Saturday, December 10. Our school facilities will be opened to registered players of the tournament including members of our chess team who will be competing as well.

Our support in providing school grounds for these chess tournaments is reciprocal. It helps in reducing the cost of running the chess program for our own students. The last tournament we hosted, in October had an enthusiastic turnout, despite the discouraging weather. We foresee similar success for this weekend, too and wish all the players the best of luck.

Volunteers are wanted to help run the concession stands that sell food and refreshments for the players and their companions throughout the day. If you are available for any amount of time between 08:00 am – 5:00 pm this Saturday, December 10 – please contact us.

Be sure to list your name, telephone or email address. You may reach us through email at ps150qPTA@gmail.com or through our volunteer page. You can also drop in your contact information at the PTA office mail box located in the main building.

PTA Meeting Summary: Nov. 17th

Thanks to all the parents, committee members and Assistant Principal Ismael Perez for joining the PTA meeting on November 17th.

Details on each topic discussed during our meeting can be found on the area’s corresponding page but the summary is as follows:

*) Volunteers are wanted for Bake Sale event on December 3rd and Chess event on December 10th. In addition, if you can offer technical assistance for website building, stage construction, costume production, please contact us via Volunteer Opportunities page.

*) Title 1 department is requesting feedback on what programs parents are looking for to assist their kids with homework. Currently, the focus is on familiarizing parents with the computers the students are working on at school.

*) School Leadership Team (SLT) is addressing the issue of second grader’s lunch interval. Go to article.

*) Email contacts have been recorded and employed for notifications, such as the last PTA meeting. If you have not received notification, please check you spam filter or contact us via Volunteer Opportunities page so we can correct any misspellings.

*) Fundraising committee is open for enrollment. Our goal is to implement more positive and effective programs that not only raise money for our school but also support our children’s development. Our key idea this term is a “Read-a-thon.” Go to article.

*) The Recess Committee is working on scheduling a presentation from Playworks organization for our December PTA meeting. Playworks specializes in utilizing school recess breaks with active methods to engage our kids. Go to article.

*) The Box Tops 4 Education program holds great potential to raise serious funds for P.S. 150Q. We would like to make the program more visible by involving students, parents and our community. Go to article.