Special Meeting December 10


 Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Department of Education (QPN) 28-11 Queens Plaza North, Room 412, Long Island City, NY 11101

6:00 PM

Community District Education Council 30 will be interviewing candidates to fill the vacancies on the Council at a public meeting.

CDEC30 is asking for feedback and would like your opinion regarding the candidates’ interviews to help guide the Council in making this important decision.

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I.S. 141 Invitation to Parents

The following information is forwarded by the Parent Coordinator:

Ms. Miranda Pavlou, Principal of I.S. 141, is inviting parents and students interested in attending an information session of I.S. 141 at the beginning of the PTA meeting set for November 21 at 7 p.m.

The Principal will provide information about the school and its programs and will answer any questions that parents may have.

I.S. 141 Q – The Steinway
37-11 21st Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11105

Town Hall Meeting Tonight @St. Teresa’s

Open House Sunnyside/Woodside Boys & Girls club at St. Teresa’s 7 – 9 pm (50-20 45th Street).
There is a free open house for the Sunnyside/Woodside Boys & Girls Club TONIGHT at St. Theresa’s, 7-9 pm. Parking is available. 44th St. between 50th Ave and the expressway. They would like to work with PS 150–please attend if you are interested!

Important March 6th Meeting

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School District 30

Community Meeting

We need your support!

The DOE is proposing to dismantle the G&T Middle School program known as “The Academy” at P.S. 122 by eliminating 3 of the 4 G&T classes.

How this affects you:

1) Future P.S. 150 students lose access to the ‘Academy’ and our district will have fewer G&T middle school seats overall. If you hoped that your child could be accepted into the program later, he/she will now be competing for seats that are insufficient for even the current population of G&T students.

2) Our district loses one of the top middle school programs in the state.

District 30 has the reputation of having excellent schools, attracting responsible parents who want to live in a neighborhood which cares about education. We need to retain that reputation and support the schools that are doing well, not restructure or destroy them.

3) If your child is supposed to go to the ‘Academy’ and is in K through

2nd grade – you will be directly impacted when this change takes place. P.S. 122 will then house an extra 200+ middle school students that it does not have room for, resulting in overcrowding

and a loss of resources such as science, music, library, and computer rooms. The quality of instruction will not be the same.

Please join us Wednesday, March 6th at 6:30pm to learn more about the

DOE’s proposal, its potential impact, and how we can work to stop it.

Together, let’s protect our schools and our community!

Meeting Information

P.S. 122


21-21 Ditmars Boulevard Astoria, New York 11105 (718) 721-6410

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 6:30 P.M.



Dear School District 30 Residents,

The Department of Education (DOE) is proposing to restructure P.S.122 by adding a zoned middle school program and make drastic cuts to P.S.122’s Talented & Gifted program in the process. This proposal would cause a surge in enrollment and overcrowding resulting in a loss of enriching resources for ALL P.S.122 students including the science lab, library and art room. The quality of instruction that P.S.122 is known for would suffer.

The impact of these actions will be felt beyond the borders of P.S. 122, potentially also affecting local schools such as P.S. 85, I.S. 141, P.S. 150, P.S. 166 and P.S./I.S. 126 in an adverse way.

The impact of the DOE’s proposal will be felt beyond school walls. Many hard-working families have chosen to move to and even buy homes in School District 30 because of its successful schools. Damaging our schools will only serve to break apart our community and could potentially threaten real estate values of our respective neighborhoods.

Our community cannot sit by as our schools’ abilities to serve the needs of ALL our children are severely diminished. We need your help!

Please join us at the upcoming general community meeting to learn more about the DOE’s proposal, its potential impact, and how we can work to stop it.

Together, let’s protect our schools and our community!

Meeting Information

P.S. 122


21-21 Ditmars Boulevard

Astoria, New York 11105

(718) 721-6410

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

6:30 P.M.

PTA Meeting Review June 14th

The final PTA Meeting for the school year 2011 – 2012 was held on Thursday, June 14th. Thank you, Scott Grodesky and Oumih Francis for your dedication, effort and upstanding service – you have been an inspiration to parents and teachers. With the camaraderie you’ve instilled, we can look forward to the 2012 – 2013 school year in great spirit.

The review is as follows:

* The treasurer’s report detailed expenses which included the 5th Grade trip, a floor A/C unit for the school’s copier room and Field day equipment expenses. Carnival showed a profit of over $286 dollars, after all. For Spring Carnival 2013, we hope to close off 41 street to set up booths for vendors – the potential income generated from that will help offset the costs for the rides, extending the event for the community as well as the school.

* Parents’ votes were necessary to move on expenditures over five-hundred dollars. Those items were: new flutes for the music band, instruments for the Annex, a cash reserve for the Recess committee and a cash reserve for “Micro Grants” for special projects a teacher may wish to implement. All proposals were approved by the parents who attended the meeting.

* The allocated emergency fund for a substitute teacher stipend was not needed and returned to the cash balance.

* With a flat screen TV donated by a parent, PS 150 has experimented with an information terminal. The idea is to have terminals throughout the school, in the lobby, cafeteria and annex to provide information on upcoming events. If you have a flat screen TV that you would like to donate to the PTA, please contact us at (718) 784-2252 Ext. 1551 or email: ps150Qpta@gmail.com.

* Principal Ms. Parache stressed the importance of parents to keep up the reading and writing during the summer break. She also announced that the proposal for the 25th and 26th as non-attendance days was NOT approved by the Board of Education – P.S. 150Q will be open regular attendance hours.

* Please visit the newly revamped PS 150Q website. Mr. Espinoza has done a fantastic job of making the site easy to navigate, highly informative and useful. Links and downloads are available and a school supply list is expected to post as well – check it out. https://sites.google.com/site/ps150queens/

* The School Leadership Team (SLT) will be enclosing a letter with advice on healthy eating. While the summer break means plenty of outdoor activity and exercise, be sure to enhance their growth with a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein. Also, remember to hydrate with plenty of water!

* The proposal for a cot in the nurses station at the annex was thwarted with many concerns. From regulations to hygiene to space, providing a cot in the annex is too complicated to fulfill. Instead, we are looking into the possibility of a comfortable chair that an ill child can rest in until pickup.

* Committees for recess and fundraising will be replaced with having a key person in charge of a particular project. If you have ideas, opinions and would like to be involved, please contact us – your help would be tremendously appreciated.

* We recognize and celebrate the diversity of our community and try to make every effort to reach and involve parents of all cultures. Our greatest challenge is communication. Our plea is to call on parents who will interpret in their native language and otherwise represent their fellow nationals. We urgently need Spanish and all Asian language speakers. You do not need to be fluent in English yourself, just willing to make a difference in your child’s education.

* The Q & A session brought up a request for parents to sit in on SLT meetings. The SLT meeting schedule is posted on their board, which is located next to the office. While parents are welcome to sit in, they are technically not be permitted to enter the discussion.

* The SES Tutoring through Title One is expected to continue in 2013, however, whether BiNet will remain as the service provider is not confirmed.

May 25th PTA Meeting Review

Thanks parents, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Pate, guest speakers Judy Zangwill, Matthew Wallace and Ms. Mirelys for attending Thursday morning’s meeting. Many passionate topics were covered, but first, congratulations to Beatrice, Rebecca, and Sean to their elected position of President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The meeting’s review is as follows:

*) The Treasurer’s Report praised the efforts of the “Box Tops 4 Education” campaign for raising a record amount of three-hundred-twenty-nine dollars. Also, last-minute contributions for the “Read-A-Thon” set the profit at over one thousand percent, bringing in over six-thousand dollars. Cheers to the outstanding readers and their supporters that made this happen! The Spring Carnival is expected to break even. We’ve heard a number of suggestions, complaints and cheers through the grapevine about it. Future prospects for this event will be open for discussion at a later meeting. Stay tuned.

*) The vote for having June 25th and 26th as non-attendance days for “Professional Development” was unanimous in favor. Detailed information, including your choice to “opt out” will be sent home. While the inconvenience for working parents and the untimeliness of having two days off before the last half-day of school are understood, remember that these DOE suggested dates are crucially needed time for teachers to prepare next year’s curriculum.

*) City wide budget cuts are threatening our After School Programs again. As always, our “Knight in shining armour,” Jimmy Van Bramer has promised to fight for restoration. Sunnyside Community Center’s Executive Director, Judy Zangwill as well as Ms. Mirelys with the support of Councilman Van Bramer’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Matthew Wallace – urged the parents and the community to voice out. Currently, Councilman Van Bramer is faced with losing seven out of nine After School programs – your help is urgently needed. Regardless of whether or not your child attends after-school, having these programs intact ensures the safety of all children in our community. The presence of a stable after school program enriches development, nurtures interest and instills accountability in those that would otherwise be left to their own devices. Please take action and keep our community safe. For details on how you can help, please click here.

*) Title One funds have successfully educated parents in technology with computer classes conducted by Mr. Espinoza. In light of that success, future workshops are being considered to cultivate parents in proper nutrition. Providing a balanced diet is critical to your child’s success in school – it affects their performance physically and mentally. It has been noted that students are packing soda, chips and other junk food for lunch. While these snacks may be affordable and conveniently non-perishable, they do not provide the needed nutrients to sustain them through a school day. Guidance of practical nutrition that is informative and convenient would be a great benefit. In the meantime, please be conscious of supplying your child with nutritious lunches and snacks.

*) School Leadership Team (SLT) will be sending periodic reminders about the school’s dress code. While uniforms are no longer a requirement, a respectful dress code is – short-shorts, spaghetti straps, open mid-riffs and graphic tees are not allowed.

The meeting concluded with the New Business election of Beatrice Gomez for PTA President, Sean O’Connell for PTA Treasurer and Rebecca Wilkins for PTA Secretary.

The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th at 08:30 am. Please check the school calendar as it will be updated periodically. In addition, bookmark the NYC DOE calendar for future events and important dates concerning all public schools.