Rainbow Day: Friday, September 19

Dear Parents,

This year we would like to start the year by celebrating our unity as a school. Although we are made up of different grades, we can still come together as one team. In order to show this unity, we will be having a “Rainbow Day.” On this day each grade will wear a specific color to school. The colors are as follows:

  • Pre-K and K= Each class will be assigned a color
  • 1st Grade: Orange
  • 2nd Grade: Yellow
  • 3rd Grade: Green
  • 4th Grade: Blue
  • 5th & 6th: Purple
  • Out of Classroom teachers and other staff – Red

The class that has the most participation will receive 5 class commendation cards and will be chosen to represent their grade in our school photo that will be taken on “Rainbow Day.” Thank you for your support and continued cooperation. We hope to see everyone dressed in their colors

The coordinators of this event, the 5th Grade Teachers


Estimados padres y representantes:

El viernes 19 de septiembre nuestra escuela celebrará el “Día del arcoiris,” como testimonio de la unidad de nuestra comunidad educativa. Ese día cada grado se vestirá de un color diferente.

Los colores para cada grado son:

  • Pre-K y K = Sera asignado un color
  • 1er grado = anaranjado
  • 2do grado = amarillo
  • 3er grado = verde
  • 4to grado = azul
  • 5to y 6to grado = violeta/morado

La clase con el mayor número de alumnos participantes en cada grado recibirá 5 tarjetas de premio y será escogida para representar a su grado en la foto general del arcoiris de nuestra escuela. Gracias de antemano por su continuo apoyo y colaboración. Esperamos verlos a todos vestidos en sus respectivos colores


Field Day Volunteers WANTED

Although the calendar has Field Day dates as 16th – 18 (Monday – Wednesday), it is actually Monday and Tuesday only. There is a PTA meeting on Wednesday morning, if you were thinking of volunteering.

This year, PS 150Q is welcoming parent volunteers for Field Day! It’s a great opportunity to be involved with the school, your children and get some exercise as well.

Parent volunteers are requested for the morning set up and throughout the day. Make whatever time you have available, sign up with a friend or neighbor – if you can’t make the whole shift, it’s okay. Please state so in the comment and come prepared to have a great time.

Sign up through the Volunteer Spot link below:

Getting Fit for Spring!

Everybody is DONE with winter! We’re dying to shed these layers and get out but unfortunately, frigid temperatures and rock hard snow still rule the outdoors. So, at P.S. 150Q, we’re implementing “Getting Fit for Spring.”

Each day, at about the same time – an upbeat song will stream over the loudspeaker and all members of the community will have to stop everything and move around. More details will follow as the idea is finalized, but you can help by encouraging your child to take advantage of this free moment when it comes. Talk to them about it and show them how to loosen up, dance in place or just stretch.

It’s a great way to get kids to sync with their bodies, decompress and get fit for Spring.

UPDATE: You are invited to the Launch Date, Monday, March 10th at 08:30 am in the Blue Area of the cafeteria. Please join us.

Coming Up In February

Parents As Learning Partners: Friday, February 7th 08:15 am – 9:00 am

Parents, please join us for some fun educational games in the classroom with your child! Friday, February 7th 08:15 – 09:00 am in the Main Building and the annex.  Download Parents as Learning Partners February 2014 Flyer here


Parents Workshop “Respect For All”: Thursday, February 13th 08:15 am Main building

Respect For All Parent Workshop 02/13 at 08:15 am Main Building
Respect For All Parent Workshop 02/13 at 08:15 am Main Building












HIV/AIDS Curriculum Parent Workshop: Wednesday, February 26th 08:30 am Main Building

A workshop that outlines the curriculum taught to students. Click here to download the AIDS/HIV Curriculum workshop flyer