2016 Read-A-Thon Update

The 2016 Read-A-Thon was a huge success – thanks to you, sponsors and supporters of  P.S. 150 students.

So far, the Read-A-Thon fundraiser collected over 3,000 dollars – congratulations readers and thank you, sponsors!

As we tally sponsorship submissions for 2016’s Read-A-Thon, we would appreciate your patience while prizes are being distributed. Full shipment is expected by the end of the week, in which sponsored prizes will be delivered.

A shout out to a P.S. 150 parent, Sophia, for scouting fantastic grand prizes which made this our most popular Read-A-Thon yet.


School Photos 2015 by Irvin Simon

All students who paid for school photos should have received them by (Friday, December 11th, 2015).

Please contact the photo company, Irvin Simon to address any adjustable issues such as:

  • Picture is too dark
  • Change the background
  • Missing photos

Irvin Simon’s customer care department is the number is 800-540-4701 or 516-437-4700.

Or email customercare@irvinsimon.com.

It will help to know the class teacher’s name.

You may contact P.S. 150Q’s PTA but the response will be direct through the picture company.

If you are unsatisfied with the image, please reserve the photo package minus the class photo for the re-take day in January.

January 25, 2016 (Monday) at the ANNEX

January 27, 2016 (Tuesday) at the Main Building WITH graduation photos


Submit Box Tops!

The deadline to submit our Box Tops is approaching. Please send as many Box Tops as you can when school resumes February 23rd. While Box Tops are submitted year round, the payments are issued in the Spring and Fall.

Thanks to all the parents who’ve been sending them in neatly trimmed and a special thanks to the parent volunteers who bunch them together for submission.

Our last check was over $700!


Read-a-Thon Launches February 2nd!

The P.S. 150Q Read-a-Thon begins February 2nd – 27th!

Packets were backpacked Friday, January 30th but don’t lose a minute if it’s been swallowed by the backpack black hole. Download it here:





For 2015, the Read-a-Thon sponsorship will be based on reading time rather than books. Stay tuned for prize updates, incentives and Book Swap!