Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair Letters 2013 (English & Spanish) PDF

During the week beginning on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, through Friday, November 16, 2013 we are celebrating our annual Spring Book Fair for all students in K through 6th Grade.

Our Book Fair connects students to the current books they want to read in English and Spanish. To help your child find the best books, he or she will visit the book fair at times that will not interfere with classroom instruction. Please look over the (backpacked) Book List with your child. We suggest you provide your child with at least $7.00 for the purchases although lesser priced books are available. For your convenience books may be purchased by check credit or Debit cards. You may also purchase books online at scholastic using the (backpacked) catalog.

To volunteer for the Book Fair, sign up by clicking the VolunteerSpot link below:

May 25th PTA Meeting Review

Thanks parents, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Pate, guest speakers Judy Zangwill, Matthew Wallace and Ms. Mirelys for attending Thursday morning’s meeting. Many passionate topics were covered, but first, congratulations to Beatrice, Rebecca, and Sean to their elected position of President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The meeting’s review is as follows:

*) The Treasurer’s Report praised the efforts of the “Box Tops 4 Education” campaign for raising a record amount of three-hundred-twenty-nine dollars. Also, last-minute contributions for the “Read-A-Thon” set the profit at over one thousand percent, bringing in over six-thousand dollars. Cheers to the outstanding readers and their supporters that made this happen! The Spring Carnival is expected to break even. We’ve heard a number of suggestions, complaints and cheers through the grapevine about it. Future prospects for this event will be open for discussion at a later meeting. Stay tuned.

*) The vote for having June 25th and 26th as non-attendance days for “Professional Development” was unanimous in favor. Detailed information, including your choice to “opt out” will be sent home. While the inconvenience for working parents and the untimeliness of having two days off before the last half-day of school are understood, remember that these DOE suggested dates are crucially needed time for teachers to prepare next year’s curriculum.

*) City wide budget cuts are threatening our After School Programs again. As always, our “Knight in shining armour,” Jimmy Van Bramer has promised to fight for restoration. Sunnyside Community Center’s Executive Director, Judy Zangwill as well as Ms. Mirelys with the support of Councilman Van Bramer’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Matthew Wallace – urged the parents and the community to voice out. Currently, Councilman Van Bramer is faced with losing seven out of nine After School programs – your help is urgently needed. Regardless of whether or not your child attends after-school, having these programs intact ensures the safety of all children in our community. The presence of a stable after school program enriches development, nurtures interest and instills accountability in those that would otherwise be left to their own devices. Please take action and keep our community safe. For details on how you can help, please click here.

*) Title One funds have successfully educated parents in technology with computer classes conducted by Mr. Espinoza. In light of that success, future workshops are being considered to cultivate parents in proper nutrition. Providing a balanced diet is critical to your child’s success in school – it affects their performance physically and mentally. It has been noted that students are packing soda, chips and other junk food for lunch. While these snacks may be affordable and conveniently non-perishable, they do not provide the needed nutrients to sustain them through a school day. Guidance of practical nutrition that is informative and convenient would be a great benefit. In the meantime, please be conscious of supplying your child with nutritious lunches and snacks.

*) School Leadership Team (SLT) will be sending periodic reminders about the school’s dress code. While uniforms are no longer a requirement, a respectful dress code is – short-shorts, spaghetti straps, open mid-riffs and graphic tees are not allowed.

The meeting concluded with the New Business election of Beatrice Gomez for PTA President, Sean O’Connell for PTA Treasurer and Rebecca Wilkins for PTA Secretary.

The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th at 08:30 am. Please check the school calendar as it will be updated periodically. In addition, bookmark the NYC DOE calendar for future events and important dates concerning all public schools.

Mid-Winter Recess

We are entering Mid-Winter Recess from February 20th through February 24th. We hope you enjoy a safe and productive week and would like to remind you that there are only two weeks left of the Read-A-Thon. Reading should be a daily part of a child’s curriculum regardless of the school break. Remember, for the Read-A-Thon you can count everything your child reads. The recess break is an excellent time to pore over books, magazines, newspapers – anything your child is willing to read.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents” – Emilie Buchwald

Download Read-A-Thon Students Docs

Read-A-Thon For parents

Checks for sponsorship should be made payable to “P.S. 150Q PTA”


Read-A-Thon Docs & Reminders

Although there are only three weeks left for the Read-A-Thon, we realize that it has also been three weeks since the Read-A-Thon packets went home. If you’ve misplaced them or require additional reading logs, the package is available for download here.

Read-A-Thon Students Docs

Read-A-Thon For parents

Includes letter, reading log and sponsor list

Reminder: Check payments should be made payable to  P.S.150Q PTA

Please remember to write the student’s name and class on the check for reference.

Read-A-Thon Halfway Mark

We are nearing the halfway mark of P.S. 150’s Read-A-Thon. The word on the street is, students are brimming with encouragement and everybody is doing a fantastic job. Students, teachers, parents and school staff – whether you are approaching your goal or savoring a really good book – you are making it happen!

Although the Read-A-Thon goal is to raise funds to replenish and replace the classroom library books, our emphasis is to promote reading – remember to have fun.

It’s a great opportunity to make time, sit back and read together. Explore and discover a new author or revisit the classics, delve into progressive genres like creative non-fiction or simply browse through a magazine. Then discuss your opinions about the piece, the topic, the story – even the writing. The more you read, the more you promote literacy.

A friendly reminder – the required school reading done as homework can be logged for the Read-A-Thon as well. But any additional reading, such as magazine articles, newspaper stories and even comic books are all acceptable material for the Read-A-Thon’s reading list.

Find help with recommended books at the following websites:

Book Lists by

BookAlike Search by Scholastic


The Read-A-Thon readers of P.S. 150Q are awesome. Thank you, for your support!

January 19 PTA Meeting Review

Thank you parents, guest speakers, Ms. Pate and Principal Ms. Parache for making the January 19th PTA meeting. The meeting commenced with the President’s report and delved into issues that touched on tardiness, state assessment standards and Title One SES tutoring to name a few. The summary is as follows:

  • President’s report: Winter Carnival is cancelled. A “Movie/Game Night” is currently an idea being considered to replace the event.
  • Read-A-Thon document packages have been distributed. You can download and print the Read-A-Thon documents with the exclusion of a collection envelope. You may use a standard letter envelope. Please state the student’s name and class on the front.
  • Tardiness procedures are revised to address the large number of late students. Parents are responsible for promptness. If arrival exceeds the five-minute grace period – after 8:10 am, the parent/guardian must accompany the child to sign in the late arrival log. Please, be considerate – be punctual.
  • Recess Committee explored the idea of Play-Well TEKnologies program for creative development during recess. For information on the organization, please visit
  • Treasurer Report disclosed the profit margin from “Holiday Boutiqe” sales and detailed expenses for the drama production. The Holiday Boutique sales were greater than expected, however, the amount which the PTA keeps is only a percentage of it. Whereas the funds raised from the Read-A-Thon is almost entirely our profit. So please, Support the Read-A-Thon!
  • Principal’s Report: At the last PTA meeting, Principal Ms. Parache addressed our school’s assessment rank with the city and state. While our position reverberates concern, Ms. Parache strongly believes our students are well on track and the school’s curriculum strives to progress beyond expected standards. Still, many parents and teachers are frustrated, perturbed and generally confused with the state and city’s assessment tests that evaluate our students and school. You can speak out. Write to the NYSED Board of Regents at
  • Group Tutoring is coming to P.S. 150Q: A package will be sent home with each student to apply for after-school tutoring at P.S. 150Q. Please submit the application, whether or not you feel your child requires it. The DOE office determines eligibility and selects those students that will most benefit from the program. Mr. Wimmer of BiNet, the elected tutoring agency, spoke at the meeting and advised two available opportunities. Group tutoring at the school, approximately two days a week at two hours and private tutoring for hire at home, through a selection of BiNet affiliates.
  • Q&A session addressed an inquiry on collecting Boxtops 4 Education coupons. Some classrooms have been set up with containers for students to drop in their coupons. But parents are welcome to drop off coupons in an envelope at the PTA Office in the main building. Separately, an inquiry was made about anonymous sponsorship for the Read-A-Thon. Our underlying goal to promote reading should be encouraged for every student, even those with less advantage. If you’d like to sponsor a student, please e-mail the PTA at with your pledge. Thank you!