Revised Agenda for May 13 PTA Meeting at 6:30 pm

Call to order

  • Treasurer’s report
  • New Business: Votes

○         Outdoor Spring Concert: Chair rentals

○         Concession stand during concert

○         Field Day expenses

○        Art Expo expenses


  • Principal’s report
  • Executive Board election
  • School Leadership Team report
  • Updates:

○         Staff appreciation luncheon May 21 (Main building) and May 22 (Annex)

○         Prom & Graduation



PTA Meeting, Wednesday April 15 at 6:30 pm

PTA Meeting Agenda

April 15, 2015

6:30 pm

Join us for a PTA pizza party!


Call to order

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Updates
    • Gifted and Talented tours
    • Earth Day (April 22)
    • Math state tests (April 22 – 24)
    • Conversations with the Principal (April 29th)
    • PTA Executive Board election (May 13, 6:30 pm during Parent Teacher Conference)
  • Guest Speaker: Immigration resources
  • Guest Speaker: Health insurance resources
  • Principal’s report
  • New Business: Votes
    • Spring Dance: Decorations, DJ, pizza and drinks ($600)
    • Worm workshop for second grade
    • Rights to school play ($600)
  • School Leadership Team


PTA Meeting March 11, Wednesday at 08:15 am

Due to technical difficulties with the copier, the PTA agenda cannot be backpacked until Friday. It is published here for your notification.

PTA Meeting Agenda

March 11, 2015

08:15 am

Call to order

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Picture Day
    • March 24, Tuesday (Annex)
    • March 26, Thursday (Main Building)
    • Volunteer sign up
    • Interviewing new photo company
  • Updates
    • Read-a-Thon: Tally, prizes and assembly
    • Parent Teacher conferences & 6th Grade Bake Sale needs donated goods to sell
    • Datacation launched
  • Volunteer sign up
    • Book Fair: March 16 – 20
    • Math Night: March 26
    • Literacy Night: March 31
  • Sunnyside Woodside MSP (Middle School Planning): Guest Speaker Deborah McGowan
    • Deborah McGowan leads a group of parents who are advocating for a middle school to be built in Sunnyside.  This proposed school would relieve overcrowding at I.S. 125 and provide a new option for children who graduate from P.S. 150.  Please join us to hear more about her efforts, how this would affect you, and how you can get involved.
  • Principal’s report
  • PTA Executive Board needs co-chairs!
    • Co-Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer
    • Special committees: Media (Facebook, PTA website blog, newsletter photographer), events, volunteer organizer
    • Dual language translators: Spanish, Bengali, Chinese
  • New Business
    • International Festival (in place of Carnival)
  • School Leadership Team
    • “Spring Into Fitness”
    • Datacation help
    • Sunnyside Community Services after school program for 6th graders




PTA Meeting Sept. 17th, Wednesday 08:15 am

New PS150Q 2014-15 Header




Agenda for PTA General Assembly Meeting: September 17, 2014, 08:15 am, at the Main Building

Introductions: Parent Coordinator and PTA:  How each helps at P.S. 150

  • Parent Coordinator:  Ms. Geneva Pate
  • PTA President:  Sean O’Connell

Treasurer’s Report

Upcoming Events

  • Great American Fundraiser (Oct 1 – 17th)
  • Picture Day
  • Chess in the school

Votes on Expenses

  • School t-shirts
  • Recess equipment (approximately $1,000)
  • Arts For Recess
  • Garden to Cafe supplies (approximately $2,000)
  • Art department and chorus department (approximately $250 – 300 quarterly)

Principal’s report

SLT (School Leadership Team) report

New business

  • Title I
  • Volunteer Opportunities



Updates: Holiday Boutique and Tree Lighting Pictures

The Holiday Boutique for Friday, December 13th has been CANCELED – supplies have completely sold out!

Thank you for your support in making this year’s boutique a total success. Remember, our next PTA meeting is at 08:15 am on Wednesday, December 18th.

Tree Lighting Pictures: If you have not received the flyer to order a Christmas Tree Class photo, please submit three dollars ($3.00) with your child’s name and class for a 4×6 picture. Send it by Monday, December 16th to receive it by Winter Recess.

September 26, 2013 Minutes

PTA Meeting

September 26, 2013, 6:30 pm

President’s Report, presented by Co­President Shawn O’Connel

  • ●  The Arts for Recess program was extremely successful last year, so we will continue it

    this year. Parents will have the opportunity to sponsor a day. We need parent volunteers

    to help facilitate the performances. We have allocated $5000 for the program this year.

  • ●  We have a host of fundraising possibilities. We need your support to help raise money. It

    is up to you, the parents, to choose which fundraisers you support. Direct donations, such as the fundraising envelopes and the Read­a­Thon, are the best ways to support the PTA. Due to the success of the Read­a­Thon, we were able to eliminate the spring Miss Chocolate sale. However, while the Read­a­Thon raised about $6000, only about 100 students participated. This is very low considering that our school has over 1200 students. We need your help and your support to make these fundraisers succeed.

  • ●  This year we will be reaching out to you, the parents, for more help. We understand that everyone is busy with work, family, and other responsibilities. If you can’t be here to help during a fundraiser, maybe you can help from home. Everyone has something to offer the PTA.
  • ●  We are open to your ideas. This is your PTA­­we are just the facilitators. We have achieved a lot over the past few years, and we have the administration’s support. Reach out to us. Help spread the word. You can have an impact on your child’s education! As parents, we can make a real difference in the day­to­day operations in the school. Keep in mind that the school is suffering from extraordinary budget cuts. Last year the school lost about $500,000. This comes directly out of our children’s classrooms. The PTA tries to make up for this loss as much as possible.

    Treasurer’s Report, presented by Shawn O’Connel for Treasurer Jean Libert

● The opening balance on September 1, 2013 was $9.244.29; our current balance as of September 26 is the same. We currently hold in reserve $5000 for the Arts for Recess program. So far this school year we have had a request to purchase $700 of supplies for the Art department, and to contribute $2500 towards the purchase of the school’s new comprehensive communication and grading system.

Principal’s Report, presented by Ms. Hernandez

  • ●  The school’s new curriculum is more rigorous.
  • ●  Students will still be using the iReady program.
  • ●  Go Math, the new math curriculum, has an online component.
  • ●  In the 2013 state tests, PS 150 did better than the city and state average. We scored in

    the top 5 schools in District 30.

  • ●  The school is planning some parent workshops. You will be advised as these are


New Business

School Leadership Team

We had an expedited election for the SLT. The nominees, all elected unanimously, were Paul Cynamon, Monica Perez, Nami Russo, and Silek Secilmis. They will serve a two­year term.


  • ●  Volunteers are needed for all of our fundraisers! Please help us.
  • ●  Donation envelopes have been distributed.
  • ●  The Miss Chocolate fundraiser goes from now until October 21st.
  • ●  The first Chess in the Schools event will be held on October 26th.
  • ●  Picture Day is October 22nd.
  • ●  Artsonia is an online art gallery and shop that we would like to set up for parents and students. We need parent volunteers to set up this great program.
  • ●  Arts for Recess

    Title 1

    Title 1 funds go directly to the school, except for 1% which is used for parent enrichment. There will be a Title 1 meeting in early October.

    Learning Leaders

    The Learning Leaders program is coming back to PS 150! In this program, parents receive training so that they can volunteer in the school. Parents will be kept updated as we find out more about this program.

    iReady and Go Math

    Mr. Lilakos, PS 150’s math coach, presented information about these two programs.

  • ●  iReady is continuing from last year. This program presents a test that diagnoses your

    child’s reading and math skills and then adjusts the lesson accordingly. It is imperative that you do not help your child during iReady assessments. Teachers saw lots of progress last year with students who were diligent with iReady. Encouraging your child to use iReady is a great way to support your child at home.

  • ●  Continental Math League is a weekly math program for students recommended by their teachers. It begins in mid­October for grades 4­6 and in December for earlier grades.
  • ●  Go Math is our new math curriculum. The thick book should be used in class, and the thin book is for homework. Each lesson has two homework pages. All parents will
    receive a letter with directions for logging onto the online Go Math program. Please follow the directions exactly. “My Library” has all the resources from the teacher, including a practice book, which contains printable versions of the homework pages. This is also available in Spanish. The “Animated Math Models” permit you to select a skill and do related lessons.

    Additional business

  • ●  Bring your concerns to the PTA. We can add your concerns to the agenda.
  • ●  The PTA assists financially challenged students with field trip assistance on a

    case­by­case basis. We also help the seniors with their class trips when possible. We

    try to spread our resources around so that all grades and classes are helped.

  • ●  Jennifer Harper, our CEC representative, discussed the issue of truncating and rezoning.

    No vote is set as yet. Parents can write letters to the CEC to show support, and can start

    a petition to try to get a middle school in Sunnyside.

  • ●  Please collect and bring in your Box Tops! Every Box Top is worth 10 cents. We have

    the potential to raise thousands of dollars with Box Tops. Your child can bring the Box

    Tops in to school, or you can drop them off at the PTA office.

  • ●  We are trying to get a PTA box for the Annex.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.

September 26 PTA Meeting Reminder

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year at P.S. 150Q. Whether you’re a seasoned PTA contributor or a brand new supporter, know that every little bit makes a huge difference in our children’s education and thank you for being a part of it.

By now, you should have received the contribution envelope in your child’s backpack. Please contribute what you can. Every cent is appreciated and goes towards the benefit of making your child’s school experience a memory for a lifetime.

If you are available as a volunteer for the numerous events we conduct; Book Fairs, Picture Day, Chess tournament, etc., enclose your contact information. We will email you with scheduled events that will benefit with your help. We hope you enjoy the rewarding experience of volunteering as much as your presence gives our school a positive environment.

There are many other opportunities you can be part of with the PTA. Come to our next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 26th at 6:30 pm.

We hope you join us – we look forward to seeing you.