Feb. 09 PTA Meeting Review

Thanks to all the parents who joined the PTA meeting with Ms. Parache, Ms. Pate, Mr. Espinoza and guest speaker, Calvet Liburd of Playworks. Events and workshops are in process of registration – please don’t delay in signing up.

The meeting review is as follows:

  1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Spring Carnival volunteers are wanted! Volunteers to help with the concession stands, rides and supervision are requested to contact the PTA office at ps150Qpta@gmail.com or call (718) 784-2252 extension 1551. Also, if you reside on 41st Street or have friends and neighbors who do, please be notified that the school is applying for the street’s closure for additional room.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Explained funds used for the drama production and the Science department. Tri-fold boards and stickers will remain on sale through next week – prices are $5 for the board and $3 for the labels.
  3. State Testing Standards: Due to overwhelming response, P.S.150Q’s PTA is currently researching the most effective way to petition for changes to the State testing standards. We are exploring all avenues from a petition, to letter blitzes and polls. Please stay tuned for updates.
  4. Computer Workshop for Parents: Through Title 1 funding, P.S. 150Q is offering eight weeks of computer training, taught by Mr. Espinoza. The Beginner workshops starts February 14th, so PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Contact Ms. Pate at 718-784-2252 ext. 1611 or register at http://tiny.cc/techworkshop or https://sites.google.com/site/parenttechworkshop – a flyer with the workshop dates was sent home with every student.
  5. Principal’s Report: Ms. Parache conveyed welcoming news of P.S. 150Q’s quality review. On a scale level of 1 to 4, the school was graded at Level 3, as proficient and well developed. Ms. Parache also reiterated the importance of building your child’s reading stamina and introducing them to news articles. State tests have included articles published by the New York Times, Newsweek or Time magazine to gauge a student’s comprehension; it pays to be prepared.
  6. Recess Committee: Guest speaker, Calvet Liburd from Playworks explained the half-day workshop and the full-year technical support programs offered by the organization. Mr. Liburd presented examples of indoor activities that the students could easily participate in during recess in the auditorium and discussed costs as well as options available. Please visit www.playworks.org for more information.
  7. Box Tops 4 Education: Accumulated Box Tops coupons will be submitted on March 1st. You may send your coupons in with your child to the school or drop them off in an envelope at the PTA office in the main building. Any coupons submitted after March 1st will be kept for the next redemption cycle.
  8. The Annex needs volunteers for the Book Fair during the last week of February. We are looking for volunteers to assist our Pre-K and Kindergarten students during their shopping visits. If you can spare an hour or more, please contact the PTA at ps150Qpta@gmail.com or call (718) 784-2252 extension 1551.

  9. Q & A: An inquiry was made regarding the gauging of our proceeds thus far for the Read-A-Thon. Currently, we have placed a poll on our website for parents to select their progress as of February 10. Please visit our Read-A-Thon Poll to make your vote count.

January 19 PTA Meeting Review

Thank you parents, guest speakers, Ms. Pate and Principal Ms. Parache for making the January 19th PTA meeting. The meeting commenced with the President’s report and delved into issues that touched on tardiness, state assessment standards and Title One SES tutoring to name a few. The summary is as follows:

  • President’s report: Winter Carnival is cancelled. A “Movie/Game Night” is currently an idea being considered to replace the event.
  • Read-A-Thon document packages have been distributed. You can download and print the Read-A-Thon documents with the exclusion of a collection envelope. You may use a standard letter envelope. Please state the student’s name and class on the front.
  • Tardiness procedures are revised to address the large number of late students. Parents are responsible for promptness. If arrival exceeds the five-minute grace period – after 8:10 am, the parent/guardian must accompany the child to sign in the late arrival log. Please, be considerate – be punctual.
  • Recess Committee explored the idea of Play-Well TEKnologies program for creative development during recess. For information on the organization, please visit http://play-well.org/
  • Treasurer Report disclosed the profit margin from “Holiday Boutiqe” sales and detailed expenses for the drama production. The Holiday Boutique sales were greater than expected, however, the amount which the PTA keeps is only a percentage of it. Whereas the funds raised from the Read-A-Thon is almost entirely our profit. So please, Support the Read-A-Thon!
  • Principal’s Report: At the last PTA meeting, Principal Ms. Parache addressed our school’s assessment rank with the city and state. While our position reverberates concern, Ms. Parache strongly believes our students are well on track and the school’s curriculum strives to progress beyond expected standards. Still, many parents and teachers are frustrated, perturbed and generally confused with the state and city’s assessment tests that evaluate our students and school. You can speak out. Write to the NYSED Board of Regents at http://www.regents.nysed.gov/members/.
  • Group Tutoring is coming to P.S. 150Q: A package will be sent home with each student to apply for after-school tutoring at P.S. 150Q. Please submit the application, whether or not you feel your child requires it. The DOE office determines eligibility and selects those students that will most benefit from the program. Mr. Wimmer of BiNet, the elected tutoring agency, spoke at the meeting and advised two available opportunities. Group tutoring at the school, approximately two days a week at two hours and private tutoring for hire at home, through a selection of BiNet affiliates.
  • Q&A session addressed an inquiry on collecting Boxtops 4 Education coupons. Some classrooms have been set up with containers for students to drop in their coupons. But parents are welcome to drop off coupons in an envelope at the PTA Office in the main building. Separately, an inquiry was made about anonymous sponsorship for the Read-A-Thon. Our underlying goal to promote reading should be encouraged for every student, even those with less advantage. If you’d like to sponsor a student, please e-mail the PTA at ps150Qpta@gmail.com with your pledge. Thank you!


Read-A-Thon Update

Thanks to all the parents who attended the Read-A-Thon Kickoff Breakfast meeting. The PTA’s Fundraising Committee is both excited and a little nervous as we approach the launch date of January 17. We’re excited that a great idea has become a reality. It confirms that parents can make a difference.

We’re also anxious for its debut. We anticipate minor glitches, as this is the first event of its kind. If you have any suggestions, kindly present it to the PTA’s Fundraising Committee and we’ll gladly address it immediately. Because the event’s success largely depends on the support of the parents – please climb aboard and spread the news. Word-of-mouth promotion is our strongest tool.

We’d like to reiterate that the Read-A-Thon is more than just a fund-raising event. It’s an opportunity to connect through reading – set goals and work for a cause. Don’t forget to make it fun!

Downloadable Student Package below:

Read-A-Thon Student Package

Translated_Read-a-thonDocuments[2] (Translation courtesy of Monica Wyse and Noemi Campos)

Read-A-Thon begins on January 17th (Observed Martin Luther King Day) and ends on March 02nd (Dr. Seuss’ birthday)

Grand Prize: The top two earners of each class are invited for a special screening at the Museum Of The Moving Image.

Boost for Non-fiction: The Read-A-Thon reading list can contain any reading material at the child’s level, from required school reading to magazine articles, newspaper columns, sports columns and even comics!

Read-a-thon 2012

The Fundraising Committee is diligently working on the final touches to kick off the Read-a-thon event for early 2012. Currently, the committee is working on the sponsor forms and gathering information from librarians for a list of age appropriate books.

In addition, establishments in the P.S. 150Q area have been approached to match funds or supply prizes to motivate a higher achievement. If you know of any businesses or organizations that are interested in supporting the school and our students for this inspirational event, please email the PTA at ps150Qpta@gmail.com.

The Read-a-thon’s guidelines are being streamlined and will be provided with ample notice, but the committee is adamant in stating that the event is to be fun. Our goal is to raise funds through a process that involves the family and community with the added commitment to promote literacy.

Please join us at our next PTA Meeting in January 2012 for the event’s progress.

December 15th PTA Meeting & Breakfast With The Principal

Thank you, parents for a great turnout at our December 15th PTA meeting. Our breakfast discussion with the Principal, Ms. Parache was productive and heartfelt – an encouraging affirmation to lead us into 2012. Details on each agenda are in progress. It will be posted on its corresponding page, but the summary is as follows:

  • The administration is available and open to help: If you have any issues concerning the school, please contact the school’s administration rather than rely on a public forum to discuss an issue.
  • Treasurer’s report regarding the sales and profits from the “Chess Tournament” and “Holiday Boutique.”
  • Title One will send notices regarding the “Computer Classes” which will resume in January 2012
  • SLT (School Leadership Team) managed for some 2nd and 3rd grade classes to bring in a snack that is convenient and quick enough to consume during a five minute water break. Notices will be sent home with all 2nd and 3rd grade students regarding a snack break, including the start time and regulations.
  • Safety belt enforcement is an issue that can be addressed by the Pupil Transportation Team. Their Telephone number is (718) 392-8855 or email contact at pupiltransportationteam@schools.nyc.gov.
  • Fundraising ideas from Guest Speaker Linda Villa-Passione incorporating Fair Trade Market items. Click Here For Article
  • Read-a-thon is expected to take place in early 2012. It will replace the “Miss Chocolate” event. Click Here For Article
  • Recess Committee is dedicating the January 2012 PTA meeting to focus on indoor recess. A presentation by Playworks is secured for the February 2012 meeting. (Details to come)
  • Ms. Parache addressed the school’s categorization issue, bed bug control procedure and promoted a boost in reading non-fiction. (Details to come)
  • Box Tops Goal: We are asking parents to commit to bringing in two (2) box tops before our next PTA meeting. Box Tops placed in an envelope may be dropped off at the PTA office in the main building. For the classroom, we are seeking permission to place a small container (tissue box or clear soup container) for the students to drop in their Box Tops. (Details to come)

To receive information by email, please contact us with your name, email and child’s class to ps150Qpta@gmail.com.

Breakfast With The Principal and PTA Meeting Dec. 15th

Our next PTA meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 15th at 08:30 am. It will be preceded by “Holiday Breakfast With The Principal” at 08:15 am. You are invited to address questions for the principal at that time.

Last week, the Agenda for the next PTA Meeting was sent home in your child’s backpack. For your reference, the agenda is as follows:

  • Call to order
  • Reading and approval of last meetings minutes
  • President’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Principal’s report
  • Title One report
  • School Leadership Team report
  • New business
  • Committee reports
    • Fundraising: Read-a-thon
    • Recess
  • Adjournment

And you can review the post of our last PTA meeting held November 17th, by clicking here.

As a preview, the Recess Committee has been focused on the pressing matter of indoor recess activities. Now that the colder weather restricts students from going outside, the committee would like to present some ideas inspired through the Manhattan New Music Project and CDEC 30 parent workshop conducted in early December.

The activities were “engagement through the arts” with the idea of playing games while subliminally memorizing academics. The games are fun, free of pressure and given the right topic can be a catalyst for making any free time an enjoyable time for learning.

Please join us and lend us your feedback.

PTA Meeting Recess Committee Report

The Recess Committee was established to address the need for a more constructive and active curriculum during recess. Our main goal is to steer away from the inactive movie watching that presently takes place when conditions outdoors are intolerable. We are planning innovative programs for indoor recess that involve physical activity and development.

As the winter approaches, we are considering some of the following possibilities for indoor recess:

  • Streaming classical music and opening the floor to independent reading and socializing and clubs
  • Having students direct their own videos and present them during recess
  • Inviting artists to entertain and engage students in active performances through the Arts for Recess program
  • Training staff and parent volunteers by Playworks

Playworks is a group that specializes in reconfiguring schools recess time. We are considering a Playworks training day that would introduce, instruct and eventually implement a program at P.S. 150Q. Due to the cost, we are working on having a presentation by Playworks for our December PTA meeting before we commit.

We would also like to expand the “Arts for Recess” program that was piloted in the Annex last year to the main building. Following is the link to the Face Book page showing some of the artists that performed last year at PS 150 and PS 199: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arts-For-Recess#!/pages/Arts-For-Recess/ 129856530412485

Please feel free to comment and stay tuned for further developments.

PTA Meeting Summary: Nov. 17th

Thanks to all the parents, committee members and Assistant Principal Ismael Perez for joining the PTA meeting on November 17th.

Details on each topic discussed during our meeting can be found on the area’s corresponding page but the summary is as follows:

*) Volunteers are wanted for Bake Sale event on December 3rd and Chess event on December 10th. In addition, if you can offer technical assistance for website building, stage construction, costume production, please contact us via Volunteer Opportunities page.

*) Title 1 department is requesting feedback on what programs parents are looking for to assist their kids with homework. Currently, the focus is on familiarizing parents with the computers the students are working on at school.

*) School Leadership Team (SLT) is addressing the issue of second grader’s lunch interval. Go to article.

*) Email contacts have been recorded and employed for notifications, such as the last PTA meeting. If you have not received notification, please check you spam filter or contact us via Volunteer Opportunities page so we can correct any misspellings.

*) Fundraising committee is open for enrollment. Our goal is to implement more positive and effective programs that not only raise money for our school but also support our children’s development. Our key idea this term is a “Read-a-thon.” Go to article.

*) The Recess Committee is working on scheduling a presentation from Playworks organization for our December PTA meeting. Playworks specializes in utilizing school recess breaks with active methods to engage our kids. Go to article.

*) The Box Tops 4 Education program holds great potential to raise serious funds for P.S. 150Q. We would like to make the program more visible by involving students, parents and our community. Go to article.

PTA Meeting Fundraising Report

Until now, the fundraising events at P.S.150Q have been mildly successful. But the new Fundraising Committee is devoted to improving our results with more gratifying efforts that people will be eager to support.

Our tried-but-true “Miss Chocolate” program has been moderately productive. Apparently, its success is based on the enthusiasm of new students – but we have about 1,200 students in total. That’s a small percentage producing results and a large pool of people who aren’t being reached.

The Fundraising Committee is currently working on implementing a “Read-a-thon” similar to the math program run by the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Briefly, a “Read-a-thon” would be a sponsored donation for each book read by the participating student.

We feel that the efforts are far more productive than selling chocolate and as a result, we believe family and friends would be honored to sponsor your child’s endeavor.

If you are interested in volunteering for the fundraising committee, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to submit your contact information.