Annex Picture Update

The computer system for the portrait photographer was down during the morning session of Picture Day at the annex. This unfortunate technical difficulty resulted in a make up date for the AM session of Pre-K classes.

First, the PTA offers it’s sincerest apologies. They will announce the make up date for the portraits which will be within the next two weeks. If your child’s portrait was not taken, your envelope was returned to your child. If you did not receive an envelope, your child’s photo was taken.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PTA with a letter in your child’s folder. Otherwise, please stay tuned for further information.

Thank you for your understanding.


PTA Executive Board

Annex Picture Day is FRIDAY, October 24

Annex Picture Day is October 24, 2014

Picture Day at the Annex is Friday, October 24, 2014. The PTA apologizes for the confusion of the dates – it was solely the PTA’s error regarding this information. We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you are able to volunteer on Friday, October 24, there is still time to sign up.

  1. On Picture Day, make sure that your child brings the completed LifeTouch form
  2. Mark package selection and extra features
  3. Enclose the total amount in cash or check/money orders payable to: Lifetouch
  4. All students will be photographed for class pictures. Please state if you do NOT wish your child to be photographed.
  5. Portraits by request
  6. Smile for the camera

Parent volunteers are requested from 8:15 am to 1:30 pm for the annex.

Assistance is needed with keeping children in order, reminding them to smile and helping them look their best. You can sign up for a two hour shift or for the entire time.

Please contact the PTA to volunteer:

Once again, our sincerest apology for the error in information. Thank you for your understanding.



The PTA Executive Board


Rainbow Day: Friday, September 19

Dear Parents,

This year we would like to start the year by celebrating our unity as a school. Although we are made up of different grades, we can still come together as one team. In order to show this unity, we will be having a “Rainbow Day.” On this day each grade will wear a specific color to school. The colors are as follows:

  • Pre-K and K= Each class will be assigned a color
  • 1st Grade: Orange
  • 2nd Grade: Yellow
  • 3rd Grade: Green
  • 4th Grade: Blue
  • 5th & 6th: Purple
  • Out of Classroom teachers and other staff – Red

The class that has the most participation will receive 5 class commendation cards and will be chosen to represent their grade in our school photo that will be taken on “Rainbow Day.” Thank you for your support and continued cooperation. We hope to see everyone dressed in their colors

The coordinators of this event, the 5th Grade Teachers


Estimados padres y representantes:

El viernes 19 de septiembre nuestra escuela celebrará el “Día del arcoiris,” como testimonio de la unidad de nuestra comunidad educativa. Ese día cada grado se vestirá de un color diferente.

Los colores para cada grado son:

  • Pre-K y K = Sera asignado un color
  • 1er grado = anaranjado
  • 2do grado = amarillo
  • 3er grado = verde
  • 4to grado = azul
  • 5to y 6to grado = violeta/morado

La clase con el mayor número de alumnos participantes en cada grado recibirá 5 tarjetas de premio y será escogida para representar a su grado en la foto general del arcoiris de nuestra escuela. Gracias de antemano por su continuo apoyo y colaboración. Esperamos verlos a todos vestidos en sus respectivos colores