Free! Queens Chess Camp at PS 150Q

July 6 – July 30, 2015

Monday – Thursday 09:00 am – 2:00 pm with Friday Summer Tournaments

For more information about the FREE chess program,

call Ms. Carmen M. Morales at 212-643-0225 ext 238


Queens Chess Camp at P.S. 150Q is accepting registrations. Deadline is June 19th, 2015.

CIS Students 7 years and older only.

Register on their website: or call (212) 643-0225 ext. 238 for more information.

Location: PS 150Q, 40-01 43rd Avenue

Serious Fun After School

“Fun is serious”!

P.S. 150Q PTA in coordination with Ms. Pate and the school administration are working on implementing “Serious Fun After School” program. It will supplement the established after school programs run by The Virtual Y and Sunnyside Community Services – not replace them.

At the April PTA meeting, Sylvia Ramsaywak, Executive Director of Serious Fun, ensured parents that all spaces, class rooms and public rooms will be shared cooperatively. Their experience in scheduling with other shared after school programs have been successful in schools such as PS 300, PS 85 and PS 166.

A description in short, “Serious Fun After School” provides enrichment classes in art, music, dance and sports, as well as homework help and free time after school.

The real beauty is in their flexible scheduling.

Participants can pick the after school attendance days according to preference and are not mandated to attend a full week – unless they choose to. As a family supported program, they can offer flexibility to parents and the fees are extremely reasonable. “Serious Fun” is a fully licensed after school child care and is a non-profit organization.

For more details, please click to open or download the informational flyers below:

Serious Fun Brochure PDF

Serious Fund at P.S. 150 Proposal

Serious Fun Pricing List

Serious Fun Credentials

To discuss the program further, please attend the PTA meetings scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th and June 18, both at 08:15 am.

May 25th PTA Meeting Review

Thanks parents, Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Pate, guest speakers Judy Zangwill, Matthew Wallace and Ms. Mirelys for attending Thursday morning’s meeting. Many passionate topics were covered, but first, congratulations to Beatrice, Rebecca, and Sean to their elected position of President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The meeting’s review is as follows:

*) The Treasurer’s Report praised the efforts of the “Box Tops 4 Education” campaign for raising a record amount of three-hundred-twenty-nine dollars. Also, last-minute contributions for the “Read-A-Thon” set the profit at over one thousand percent, bringing in over six-thousand dollars. Cheers to the outstanding readers and their supporters that made this happen! The Spring Carnival is expected to break even. We’ve heard a number of suggestions, complaints and cheers through the grapevine about it. Future prospects for this event will be open for discussion at a later meeting. Stay tuned.

*) The vote for having June 25th and 26th as non-attendance days for “Professional Development” was unanimous in favor. Detailed information, including your choice to “opt out” will be sent home. While the inconvenience for working parents and the untimeliness of having two days off before the last half-day of school are understood, remember that these DOE suggested dates are crucially needed time for teachers to prepare next year’s curriculum.

*) City wide budget cuts are threatening our After School Programs again. As always, our “Knight in shining armour,” Jimmy Van Bramer has promised to fight for restoration. Sunnyside Community Center’s Executive Director, Judy Zangwill as well as Ms. Mirelys with the support of Councilman Van Bramer’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Matthew Wallace – urged the parents and the community to voice out. Currently, Councilman Van Bramer is faced with losing seven out of nine After School programs – your help is urgently needed. Regardless of whether or not your child attends after-school, having these programs intact ensures the safety of all children in our community. The presence of a stable after school program enriches development, nurtures interest and instills accountability in those that would otherwise be left to their own devices. Please take action and keep our community safe. For details on how you can help, please click here.

*) Title One funds have successfully educated parents in technology with computer classes conducted by Mr. Espinoza. In light of that success, future workshops are being considered to cultivate parents in proper nutrition. Providing a balanced diet is critical to your child’s success in school – it affects their performance physically and mentally. It has been noted that students are packing soda, chips and other junk food for lunch. While these snacks may be affordable and conveniently non-perishable, they do not provide the needed nutrients to sustain them through a school day. Guidance of practical nutrition that is informative and convenient would be a great benefit. In the meantime, please be conscious of supplying your child with nutritious lunches and snacks.

*) School Leadership Team (SLT) will be sending periodic reminders about the school’s dress code. While uniforms are no longer a requirement, a respectful dress code is – short-shorts, spaghetti straps, open mid-riffs and graphic tees are not allowed.

The meeting concluded with the New Business election of Beatrice Gomez for PTA President, Sean O’Connell for PTA Treasurer and Rebecca Wilkins for PTA Secretary.

The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th at 08:30 am. Please check the school calendar as it will be updated periodically. In addition, bookmark the NYC DOE calendar for future events and important dates concerning all public schools.

Campaign For Children

Ms. Mirelys of the Sunnyside After School program was a guest speaker at Thursday’s PTA meeting. The following is a copy of the leaflets handed out to parents to help fight for restoration of funds. The After School program is vital to a healthy community. It provides a stable environment and structured discipline that nurtures development for kids who would otherwise be left to their own devices. Whether or not your child attends After School, please join us – take action and help keep our community safe.


We need YOU to send a letter to City leaders in charge of the budget and tell them to save child care and after-school care and after-school programs – programs that allow parents to keep their jobs while their children get the education opportunities they need to succeed.

Send an email to the Mayor and other elected officials by visiting www.Campaignfor and clicking the TAKE ACTION button on the right.


Write a letter to the Mayor telling him why child care and after-school are so important to you and your family – and give it to your center director.


TWEET: “I sent a letter to @MikeBloomberg to say, save our child care and after-school! (Send yours:

FACEBOOK: I sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg to say, save our child care and after-school! You can, too. Follow the link to TAKE ACTION with Campaign for Children.

For more information visit:

Facebook: Campaign for Children//Twitter: @ChildrenNYC#Campaign4Children