On Wednesday January 31, Assistant Principal Mr Josephs led a discussion on school safety. On the agenda was the safety plan, door alarms, emergency drills, and school safety. All of the policies discussed were put in place to maximize the safety of our children.

(***Please note, we have invited Mr Josephs to come speak at our APRIL PTA meeting in case an of the below is unclear or if you have an other questions regarding School Safety.)

Arrival and dismissal will be outdoors whenever possible to minimize the number of people coming into the building.

At pick-up, parents or guardians must remain outside of the fence until an administrator lets everyone in.

At pick-up, parents and guardians must make sure that the teacher knows that they have their child(ren). “Verbal or eye-contact/nod works, fist-bumps work as well”. Parents CANNOT call their children out to meet them or leave with their children without the teacher knowing. A child leaving without the teacher’s knowledge will trigger a “Lock Down”.

At drop-off or pick-up, please DO NOT engage the teacher in a conversation about your child(ren). Please make an appointment so you can have a private, non-rushed discussion with your teacher.

If you need a substitute to pick up your child(ren), they need to be on the BLUE cards that were submitted at the beginning of the year. We were told that *anyone* you think might even remotely have to pick up your child should be included. A written note with the person’s full name and contact number will also work provided that your substitute has an I.D. to verify who they are. A phone call WILL NOT be acceptable.

PLEASE NOTE: PICK UP IS AT 2:25PM. The administration and staff understand if you are 10 -15 minutes late. However, if you are habitually late, you must make alternate pick-up arrangements or enroll them in an after-school program.


All parents and guardians MUST have a valid I.D. to enter the school building. These include driver’s licenses, IDNYC card, passport, or other photo identification form. (The school does NOT conduct any immigration enforcement actions!)

Parents MUST go to the Main Office first to  get a visitor’s pass. You cannot go directly to your child(ren)’s classroom.

Please note that ALL doors are equipped with alarms. You cannot exit through any door other than the main doors by the security guard. Exiting by any other door WILL TRIGGER A LOCK-DOWN. Please exit only through the main doors.


Please DO NOT double park your cars at drop-off or pick-up. The Police Department will start ticketing those who are double parked.

Parents are asked to remember that the school buses use 40th and 41st Street as part of the bus route, 43rd Avenue is a busy road, and emergency vehicles need access. Additionally, double parked cars inhibit a clear view of the street and can endanger students when they are crossing the street.


There are several drills that everyone practices throughout the year: Bus drills, “Soft” and “Hard” Lock-down drills, Shelter-In-Place drills, and Evacuation (Fire) drills.

Lockdown Drills: The procedures for “soft” and “hard” lockdown drills are the same for students – All doors are locked, lights turned off, and everyone is to remain quiet and out of sight. The difference is how the administration, the BRT (Building Response Team) and the Safety agents react. For “soft” lockdowns, administration, BRT and safety agents sweep the building (e.g., locating a student who is not where the belong). For “hard” lockdowns, everyone, including administration, BRT, and safety agents will go into a locked room and remain quiet and out of sight until an “All Clear” has been issued.

Shelter-In-Place Drills: All exterior doors are locked; no-one is allowed entry to or exit from the building. Shelter-In-Place occurs when something is happening in the surrounding area.

Evacuation Drills: There are eight (8) fire drills mandated per year. Everyone in the building is instructed to leave the building in an orderly manner.


Per the Chancellor’s policy, students are allowed to bring cellphones to school. However, all cellphones (including smart-watches and other communicating watches) MUST be turned OFF and kept in the backpacks throughout the school day. The school is not responsible for loss or damage. If students insist on having their cellphone or other devices out, the will be confiscated and secured in the Main Office. A parent or guardian must pick up the cellphone/device from the Main Office at the end of the school day.

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