PS 150Q hosted the second Queens Chess Day Saturday.

We had a big turnout at the Queens tournament, with several players winning prizes, and the NonRated team winning the 2nd place trophy.

Among the winners were Ryan Huang, Kyle Akashi, Ivan Lin,  Gephel Kogyal, Andrew Dickerson, Tallaluh Connoly-Smith, Shane Kenney, and Dylan Condon. (A special congratulations to Ryan Huang, who for the previous two tournaments has tied for first place in the Reserve section. Very soon he will be scoring in the top Open section. )

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped the day run smoothly and successfully.



PS – if anyone knows of any grants that we can apply for – it’d be great to get the school a display case for the main entry area. We have tons of Chess trophies we’d love to show off!


** Top image from January 15th Martin Luther King Chess tournament at PS 11M where our team won 1st place!