Thank you to everyone who made it to last night’s meeting. We have a new board ready for the 2017-2018 school year!
Co-Presidents: Diana Dumitru and Sylvia Luzuriaga
Co-VPs: Nadia Samaroo, Francisco Romero, and Marwa Yousif
Recording Secretary: Ana Zapata
Communication Secretaries: Shubhra Breivogel and Monica Wyse
Treasurer: Jerry Wanapun

Also, we want to congratulate the PS150q Chess Team for their spectacular performance through-out the school year and at Super Nationals in Nashville, TN.

Mr Fitko handing out awards to the team

PS150q Chess Team with Ms Parache, Ms Jaramillo, and Mr Fitzko

Award presentation to Mr Fitzko from the chess parents

And as you can see in the background, Ms Wine has been hard at work putting the Art Expo together. Please join us TONIGHT (May 25th) at the Art Expo/Penny Social Raffle.



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