Hello Parents, Caregivers, and  Families,

We have just passed the mid-way point of the school year. The 100th day of school will soon be upon us! Our children have accomplished so much in this time. The PTA is proud to be a part of this wonderful school and to sponsor many programs that enrich the lives of all of our kids.

We have provided many events for our kids, and we have many more planned. In order to make these plans into a reality, we need your help.

We understand how busy families are. We understand that volunteering may be a big time commitment. However, without volunteers (parents, grandparents, caregivers) we will not be able to host these events;   Arts for Recess, Movie Nights, the Holiday boutique, the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sales are at jeopardy for next year. This year’s Spring school photos have been canceled as there was lack of interest and lack of volunteers.

Arts for Recess is a program planned during the winter months. Volunteers commit to 3-hours one (or two or three!) day(s) per week to help set up equipment, engage the children during the artists’ presentations, and break down equipment at the end of recess. We were able to secure just enough volunteers this year to keep the program running. For next year, to keep the program running smoothly, we need more people to step up.

We still need volunteers for the Valentines Day Cards project, scheduled for Feb 9th at the Annex and Feb 14 at the Main building. Volunteers will help pass out materials and art supplies, assist with projects, set up and clear tables.

We will need volunteers for the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair, scheduled from March 6 through March 10 at the Main building. (more information to follow!)

With a small commitment from YOU, we can accomplish our goals and more. In the end, when we all come together, our children are the ones who win.

Please take the time to fill out this survey  so that we can improve and find more ways to enrich our children’s lives. Thank you for volunteering your time and talents.

PTA Executive Board

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