Every year, the same ice cream truck parks itself at 41st by the gates of the P.S. 150 schoolyard during dismissal. It returns during after school dismissal, parked at the front entrance on 43rd avenue.

The truck is NOT permitted to be there.

The idling emissions is a health hazard for children with asthma. The parked location is a safety violation. Yet the owner blatantly disregards school security officers and administration’s orders to move – simply because – people give him business.

Does this ice cream truck deserve our school community’s patronage when it shows no respect for the health and safety of our children?

If you agree that this vendor should adhere to the school’s safety regulations, spread the word and boycott his business when it is on school grounds during dismissal.

To be clear, the violating vendor is the pastel pink colored mobile truck with the license plate numbered 4426.


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