The traffic flow of dismissal in the schoolyard will be discussed at the October 15th PTA meeting, which is at 6:30 pm. In the meantime, please review the dismissal protocol notice distributed in September.

To download or open the PDF document click here for Safety and Authorization of pickup 2014 letter

The following is the content of the notice from Principal Parache:

Safety & Authorization of Pick-up

Dear Parents,

Hello! We want to review dismissal protocol and emphasize safety. Dismissal is a very busy time; therefore, it is extremely important that you help us maintain safety for ALL students by following school procedures.

  • First, teachers can only release your child to an authorized person who is on the blue card. If a new person is picking up your child for the first time, he or she will have to present photo ID, and we will have to verify that the name is on the blue card. For this reason, we ask that you have the names of all potential people who may pick up your child.
  • Teachers are not permitted to engage in conversations with parents during dismissal time. Their job is to verify person who is picking up the student. To help with this process, we ask that you hold your child’s hand and give a signal to the teacher. You need to come in and pick up the student.
  • There are many students being picked up at the same time, we ask that you please enter the premise in an orderly manner and obey our safety procedures, such as entering the building via the main entrance or the designated doors during inclement weather.
  • We ask that you please promptly pick up your child at 2:25 PM. After this time, your child will be taken to the auditorium. You will have to enter through the main entrance and go to the auditorium. During inclement weather, first and second graders will be in the main entrance. Grades 3-4, you will enter through the auditorium door in the back yard and exit through the side door.


Thank you for your cooperation as always.


Carmen Parache,


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