PTA General Assembly Meeting: September 17th, 2014 08:15 am

Officers:  Karen Schumacher, Sean O’Connell, Jean Libert, Nami Russo

SLT: Deb Alexander

Newsletter: Alison Tozzi Liu

Administration: C. Parache, G. Pate


Meeting called to order, 08:17 am


PTA Executive Board Introduction:

  • Co-presidents: Karen Schumacher and Sean O’Connell, Treasurer: Jean Libert, Secretary: Nami Russo


How each helps at PS 150:

  • PTA by President Sean O’Connell: How the role of the PTA evolved
    • Support by fundraising and supplementing quicker than DOE regulated administration
    • Volunteer power and membership
    • Open to suggestions, questions, ideas through social media (Facebook, website) and now the PTA newsletter
  • Treasurer’s Report: Balance of $15,609.70, plus commission from picture company (Lifetouch) of $2,791.15, expenditure of $650 for the “Sound of Music” rights. Votes will be taken on upcoming expenditures by show of hands.
    • Recess supplies proposed at $1,000: Approved by majority vote
    • Art supplies for recess card making (Valentine’s): $1,500: Approved by majority vote
    • T-Shirts, hats for fundraising to offset expense proposed at $2,000: Approved by majority vote
    • Halloween decoration and prizes propsed at $100 Prize + $100 decoration: Approved by majority vote
    • Sound Of Music rights for 5th grade showcase $650: Approved by majority vote
    • “Meet the Teachers” expense $100: Approved by majority vote
    • PTA promotion business cards and rulers $100: Approved by majority vote
    • Office and miscellaneous supplies $100: Approved by majority vote
    • Chess Club expense $150: Approved by majority vote
    • **PTA Engagement room furniture, supplies, set up proposed at $2,500: Approved by majority vote
    • Arts For Recess (2-3 days week including Annex during Winter) $5,000: Approved by majority vote
    • PS 150Q’s Art department quarterly $250 – $300 for extra supplies: Approved by majority vote
  • Parent Coordinator, Ms. Geneva Pate: Open Door policy
    • Office located next to Art room
    • Here to assist parents whether it’s Aris, school supplies, busing

**Questions & concerns recorded on Q&A entries


Principal’s Report

  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the school
  • Primary goal is safety: fill out and return Blue Cards, notify school if pick up guardian is not on the Blue Card and always present ID to pick up student during school hours
  • Curriculum standards to prepare students for college
  • Need to vote on calendar days (subject to change according to DOE approval), two (2) full days and three (3) half days for Professional Development
    • Full days: Mondays, December 8, 2014 and May 11, 2015
    • Half days: Fridays, November 21, 2014, February 6, 2015, March 13, 2015


New Business:

  • Introduced Mr. Karakas training for Assistant Principal position
  • Great American fundraiser replacing Miss Chocolate
  • Picture Day and Chess in Schools need parent volunteers


SLT: Parent seat opening, Chair (Deb Alexander) 2nd term up

  • Deb Alexander nominated for new term: Approved by majority vote
  • Parent seat, Alison Tozzi Liu nominated: Approved by majority vote


Title I: Representative opening

  • Interested candidates can obtain Title I rep information on PTA website
  • Attend the first Title I meeting (projected for October) to be nominated and elected


Q & A:

Q: PTA Engagement room expense: Was the expense voted against last year?

A: It was for lack of a clear mission for the room. The room will be intended for parent engagement, use of the computer, sharing coffee and connecting with other parents. Generally, creating a welcoming environment for parents to feel comfortable being in the school.


Q: For Principal Parache on safety: Encourage hand washing, having soap in the bathrooms?

A: Ms. Parache is working on the soap issue


Q: For Principal Parache: Status of Datacation?

A: The administration is waiting on the DOE to implement STARS so the information can sync up. PS 150Q was ready to implement Datacation by the first report card.


Q: For Principal Parache: Second grade lunch is late (12:40 pm)

A: Ms. Parache is discussing a workable snack with second grade teachers


Q:  For Principal Parache: What happened to Extended Day?

A: There is no extended day by contract – the time is now used for professional development on Mondays and parent contact on Tuesdays. Teachers have the option to work with students needing help on Tuesdays, however, the results of that assistance being once a week is doubtful.


Meeting adjourned: 09:21 am


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