Click here to download “A Parent’s Guide to Common Core Learning”  by the New York State PTA.

The guide explains the purpose and goals of implementing Common Core standards as well as offers tips on what parents can do to prepare their children.

Reprinted below is the Resources page of the guide.

Resources■ National Parent Teacher Association offers grade-by-grade guides for Common Core State Standards. Available in English and Spanish for K-8 and grades 9-12. Download at

■ New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) has a special section on its website for Common Core materials. Go to

■ The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) offers grade-by-grade activities, explanations,and parent letters for Common Core. Go to

AFT also offers a Common Core brochure for parents of English language learners. Go to

■ National Education Association (NEA) offers input from a panel of educators in “Six Ways the Common Core is Good for Students.” Go to

■ New York State Education Department has posted Common Core materials at


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