“Fun is serious”!

P.S. 150Q PTA in coordination with Ms. Pate and the school administration are working on implementing “Serious Fun After School” program. It will supplement the established after school programs run by The Virtual Y and Sunnyside Community Services – not replace them.

At the April PTA meeting, Sylvia Ramsaywak, Executive Director of Serious Fun, ensured parents that all spaces, class rooms and public rooms will be shared cooperatively. Their experience in scheduling with other shared after school programs have been successful in schools such as PS 300, PS 85 and PS 166.

A description in short, “Serious Fun After School” provides enrichment classes in art, music, dance and sports, as well as homework help and free time after school.

The real beauty is in their flexible scheduling.

Participants can pick the after school attendance days according to preference and are not mandated to attend a full week – unless they choose to. As a family supported program, they can offer flexibility to parents and the fees are extremely reasonable. “Serious Fun” is a fully licensed after school child care and is a non-profit organization.

For more details, please click to open or download the informational flyers below:

Serious Fun Brochure PDF

Serious Fund at P.S. 150 Proposal

Serious Fun Pricing List

Serious Fun Credentials

To discuss the program further, please attend the PTA meetings scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th and June 18, both at 08:15 am.

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