Recently, a discussion was opened with regards to the students of lower grades during the State standardized tests. In the past, field trips have been scheduled for the lower grades, however, there remains a period from 08:30 – 09:45 am in which the lower grades are required to sit silently in a designated area such as the auditorium, before they are allowed to leave the building.

This post is being opened for discussion in search of ideas for activities the children can engage in during that time. Please keep in mind that the activity must be low volume as the upper grades are testing. It’s crucial that we maintain an optimum environment for the students who are testing while we accommodate the students who aren’t. Your input in respect for all students would be greatly appreciated.

For your information, test dates are three consecutive days in early April for ELA and early May for Math.

Thank you for your consideration – you can make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Open Forum: Discuss Lower Grade Activities During State Testing

  1. From:
    Name: Meredith Faltin
    Comment: Is there a reason why field trips cannot start earlier?
    Child’s Grade: 1

    As far as I know, there is some kind of limit as to when students can actually “leave” the school. It may have to do with attendance taking or bus scheduling. You’d have to ask the principal, I suppose.

  2. I am not familiar with this since my son is only in Kindergarten.
    About how many kids are we talking about here?
    I’m sure it’s totally unrealistic since I’m sure we’re talking about over 200 kids? 400 kids? Are there more kids taking the test than kids not taking the tests? Can the test taking students be moved to a different location?
    some ideas off the top of my head might be
    1. to have the kids dropped off later to school- (For those parents that can-though this one is pretty much impossible with everyone’s work schedules)
    2. or dropped off to the Annex play yard with a gym activity- though this would depend upon weather.

    3. rent a large space such as the YMCA for the morning to do activities until they can be picked up for the field trip. I know that Our world neighborhood charter school accesses the astoria sports complex for their gym class since they don’t have one. Maybe something like that could be done.
    all dependent upon $$$ as well I’m sure.

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