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Dear Ps150,
We hope you’ve been well. November and December are busy months for middle school applicants:Middle School Applications Are Now Available
All 5th grade students (and 6th graders at K-6 schools) should submit an application for middle school. Elementary school staff members distribute applications to students; if you do not receive your application, please request it from your school. Applications are due back to elementary schools by Friday, December 13th. Private school students may request an application from a borough enrollment office. Click here for a list of borough enrollment office locations. Students will receive notification about their middle school placement in May.

Need help navigating Middle School Admissions? Available online, the 2013-2014 Directory of NYC Middle Schools will help you learn about Middle School Admissions and the school options available to your child for the 2014-2015 school year. Other questions about Middle School Admissions may be directed to your elementary school, a borough enrollment office,, or 718-935-2398.
We look forward to helping you along the way!
Middle School Admissions Team
This message was sent to PS 150’s PTA by email from the New York City Department of Education.