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Just another reminder to keep those “Box Tops For Education” coming!


Box Tops for Education labels are due by March 15th. The deadline for the school’s submission is March 31 in order for the funds to be received this school year. Box Tops can be submitted year round, but after the March 31st deadline, they will be applied to December 2013’s payment. In other words, don’t forget to hand yours in now!

Each Box Top is worth ten cents – unless it’s a bonus top, which is worth more.

Last year, we raised over three hundred dollars total. This year, we raised over two hundred dollars by December alone. Give yourself a high five!

While we’re at it, we should thank the volunteers – headed by Lucy McCarthy – who trimmed and bundled in their spare time to make the December deadline. We appreciate their dedication to meticulously accomplish the tedious task.

If possible, please trim the Box Tops neatly before submitting them – it would be a great help to our volunteers who prepare them for submission.

Feel free to hand them in to the classroom teacher or the PTA office in the main building. The Family Room at the Annex sometimes collects them as well.

We’re doing great with Box Tops this year – let’s make it the best.