Thank you parents, Ms. Parache and Ms. Pate for attending the Parent Teachers Association meeting held on Thursday, September 13th. For the first meeting of the 2012 – 2013 school year, there was a good turnout with some parents of Kindergartners attending for the first time. Your opinions, concerns and ideas are key to making the PTA effective in bolstering our children’s educational experience – thank you for your support.

A review of the evening’s meeting is as follows:

* Introduction of the new Executive Board, Beatrice Gomez (President), Rebecca Wilkins (Secretary) and Shawn O’Connell (Treasurer).

* President’s report: Called for volunteers to assist in events such as the Book Fair during Parent-Teacher conferences, Bake sales and the Halloween parade. It was also announced that P.S. 150Q’s application for “Learning Leaders” program was not accepted.

* Treasurer’s report: This year, three-thousand dollars is allocated for recess activities and the “Recess Committee” is actively sorting through programs already researched. Two-thousand dollars is allocated for “micro-grants” for teachers to request for teaching enhancement and the following obligations have been fulfilled: instruments for the Annex, new instruments for the main building, re-furnished library and computer terminals for parents access.

*Principal’s report: Covered the After School programs offered by Sunnyside Community Services and the Virtual Y. After School programs are not administered by the school, so the process of applications and announcements are the responsibility of the organization running the program. Ms. Parache stated that funding for Sunnyside Community Services’ program was restored, however, it was greatly reduced. The program has fewer openings and will commence in October as a result.

Ms. Parache also announced changes in the lunch selection mandated by the Federal government. While the servings will include a helping from every food group, Ms. Parache stated with deep regret, that students will not be allowed second helpings as in the past. Parents were advised to pack supplemental food for their child if the school’s lunch is not enough to sustain their appetite.

Breakfast is available for all students and runs from 7:30 – 7:50 am. The main building entrance is the new cafeteria (up the ramp) and the Annex is the entrance on 43rd street. School breakfast is healthy, appetizing and vital for a child’s ability to perform well in school. Please take advantage of this great opportunity.

* Title One report: Reviewed funds used for computer classes for parents last year. October 2nd, 6:30 pm will be the next Title One meeting at the main building. Notices have been sent home stating the topics to be covered, which are: What is Title I, The school’s participation in Title I, What are the requirements of Title I, The school’s Title I program and How to be involved.

* New Business discussed fundraising events, including Miss Chocolate for the fall, Read-A-Thon for the Spring and Picture Day for October 23rd by Lifetouch. Donation envelopes have been sent home, please support the PTA with any amount you can give. Every dollar is a powerful resource in providing a unique learning experience for every student, teacher and parent.

* Box Tops and Stop and Shop A+ rewards reminder: Box Tops can be submitted in your child’s folder or you may drop them off in an envelope at the PTA office in the main building.

The Stop and Shop A+ rewards program is a great way to earn funds for P.S. 150Q. Simply register your card designating the school (school ID #15414).

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