We are nearing the halfway mark of P.S. 150’s Read-A-Thon. The word on the street is, students are brimming with encouragement and everybody is doing a fantastic job. Students, teachers, parents and school staff – whether you are approaching your goal or savoring a really good book – you are making it happen!

Although the Read-A-Thon goal is to raise funds to replenish and replace the classroom library books, our emphasis is to promote reading – remember to have fun.

It’s a great opportunity to make time, sit back and read together. Explore and discover a new author or revisit the classics, delve into progressive genres like creative non-fiction or simply browse through a magazine. Then discuss your opinions about the piece, the topic, the story – even the writing. The more you read, the more you promote literacy.

A friendly reminder – the required school reading done as homework can be logged for the Read-A-Thon as well. But any additional reading, such as magazine articles, newspaper stories and even comic books are all acceptable material for the Read-A-Thon’s reading list.

Find help with recommended books at the following websites:

Book Lists by Scholastic.com

BookAlike Search by Scholastic

Queens Library.org

The Read-A-Thon readers of P.S. 150Q are awesome. Thank you, for your support!