The Fundraising Committee is diligently working on the final touches to kick off the Read-a-thon event for early 2012. Currently, the committee is working on the sponsor forms and gathering information from librarians for a list of age appropriate books.

In addition, establishments in the P.S. 150Q area have been approached to match funds or supply prizes to motivate a higher achievement. If you know of any businesses or organizations that are interested in supporting the school and our students for this inspirational event, please email the PTA at

The Read-a-thon’s guidelines are being streamlined and will be provided with ample notice, but the committee is adamant in stating that the event is to be fun. Our goal is to raise funds through a process that involves the family and community with the added commitment to promote literacy.

Please join us at our next PTA Meeting in January 2012 for the event’s progress.

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