The Recess Committee was established to address the need for a more constructive and active curriculum during recess. Our main goal is to steer away from the inactive movie watching that presently takes place when conditions outdoors are intolerable. We are planning innovative programs for indoor recess that involve physical activity and development.

As the winter approaches, we are considering some of the following possibilities for indoor recess:

  • Streaming classical music and opening the floor to independent reading and socializing and clubs
  • Having students direct their own videos and present them during recess
  • Inviting artists to entertain and engage students in active performances through the Arts for Recess program
  • Training staff and parent volunteers by Playworks

Playworks is a group that specializes in reconfiguring schools recess time. We are considering a Playworks training day that would introduce, instruct and eventually implement a program at P.S. 150Q. Due to the cost, we are working on having a presentation by Playworks for our December PTA meeting before we commit.

We would also like to expand the “Arts for Recess” program that was piloted in the Annex last year to the main building. Following is the link to the Face Book page showing some of the artists that performed last year at PS 150 and PS 199:!/pages/Arts-For-Recess/ 129856530412485

Please feel free to comment and stay tuned for further developments.